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Tui Snuffler 10ml

Tui Snuffler 10ml

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Tui Balms The Snuffler - Nasal Inhaler is a powerful, mobile decongestant for blocked noses and sinuses for the whole family.
The Snuffler™ is made from light metal, is handy and always ready to deliver a blast of wellness, any time, any place.

Tui’s altogether natural ‘Breathe Easy’ blend is ideal for a stuffy nose and is based on their popular Throat & Chest Balm. It contains only natural ingredients, including menthol and essential oils, all with decongestant properties.

The Snuffler™ is refillable: The 10ml refill will keep the inhaler in use and out of the landfill for a long time. A great alternative to one-use disposable plastic nasal inhalers.

Inhaler + refill includes: 1 x refillable metal inhaler, 10ml bottle of natural essential oil blend, 2 x cotton wicks.

2 pack inhalers includes: 2 x empty but refillable metal inhalers, 4 x cotton wicks. To be used with essential oil from the Inhaler + 10ml refill pack. Note: This pack does not include essential oils.

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