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Matcha Matcha

Matcha Matcha Golden Bamboo Whisk (100 prong)

Matcha Matcha Golden Bamboo Whisk (100 prong)

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A beautiful and traditional bamboo whisk, essential for making a frothy and creamy matcha tea with water only, or as a latte. With 2 rings of prongs, the matcha will quickly be dissolved into water or milk and can be whisked until frothy.
Tip: Immerse the Chasen prongs in warm water before using it. This prevents the matcha from sticking to the prongs and also softens the bamboo, making it less brittle, so there is less chance of breakage.

Preparation of matcha tea with whisk:
Scoop matcha (1/2-1 tsp) into bowl, pour over hot water (80 degrees), give a gentle swirl with the whisk to mix and then whisk vigoursly in a “W” motion until frothy.

Care of whisk: 
Soak your new whisk in water to open up the inner twist of prongs. Dampen the whisk before each use and rinse after use. Let the whisk dry and maintain it’s shape by standing it upright, with prongs facing downward. You can stand it in a clean glass or cup, with the handle up.



*Includes bamboo prong only.

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