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Harker Herbals Gummy Mould

Harker Herbals Gummy Mould

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Did you know... the original name for the ever popular gummy bear was 'dancing bear'? You could have your little giant dancing around in excitement when they see super cute gummy bears on their plate or in their lunchbox.

Silicone Moulds withstand temperatures from -40℃—210℃ so you can make anything from ice to piping hot candy. Made from 100% non toxic food grade silicone you don't need to worry about any nasties.

  • Rectangle size - 13cm x 17.5cm x 0.8cm
  • Square size - 15cm x 16cm x 1cm
  • Capacity - 50ml
  • Dropper included
  • Colour selection not available, may vary
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