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Go Healthy

Go Healthy Go Meno Free 60s

Go Healthy Go Meno Free 60s

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GO Meno-Free - Balance moods, temperature, restlessness, irritability and disturbed sleep patterns.

 Dose: Adults: Take 1 VegeCap daily


Black Cohosh (ext. equiv. to 1,000mg)

Dong Quai (ext. equiv. to 1,200mg)

Kudzu (ext. equiv. to 250mg)

Motherwort (ext. equiv. to 250mg)

Red Clover (ext. equiv. to 1,000mg)

Rehmannia (ext. equiv. to 1,200mg)

Sage (ext. equiv. to 3,200mg)

Shatavari (ext. equiv. to 1,200mg)

Withania (ext. equiv. to 2,200mg)

Ziziphus (ext. equiv. to 3,200mg)

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